Nokia N8 almost out and about

Nokia always manages to make phones that look very enticing, well to me anyway. The E71 and E72 being great examples of smart looking devices, beautifully built and solid with that really feel good in the hand feeling. The rest of the product often fails to hit the mark bang on though but this may well change at last with the launch of the N8. Not only does this thing have really up to date specs, great screen (on paper) and a camera that will spank the bottom off every other smartphone in the market place but it looks good and arrives with Symbian 3 which, if we are to believe Nokia, will make the device a breeze to use with less hidden settings and a much more manageable UI with more uniformity than  their previous touch screened phones. Could be a goodie methinks.

Users of the N97 complained about the inconsistency of the UI and how it would vary between different applications, amongst other gripes. Hopefully the N8 launches as a device that is actually ready to be launched. I’d like Nokia to become important again in the smartphone area as at the moment it is being dominated by Apple and HTC with a bit of Samsung thrown in. Personally I still see RIM as more business orientated and don’t feel that their phones are really optimised for consumer/media/gaming based users which is where all the action currently is. The developers who seem to be making all the big cash on the Apple Store are those making good games, Android could well be the same and that is where the money is at the moment.This shows where people who buy apps priorities are based.

Shortly, we will be able to add in Microsoft too again when W7 phones start to appear. It could be the big dark horse here with that big button/finger friendly UI and if they get HTC on board again with a variety of phones styles (which HTC have not produced for Android to date) then there could be a great range of phones too. Remember how many new WM phones in different form factors used to appear from HTC, Samsung, Asus, Motorola and the likes? That variety seems to have dried up with Apple and Android as it is all slab styled.  I wonder if they will get the same level of 3rd party software developers onboard again as it wasn’t so very long ago that the biggest range of 3rd party titles was for Apple & WM phones.


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