iPhone Calendars

I’ve been  trying out a few of these 3rd party Calendar type apps in the last week or so although for a long time I was quite happy with the stock Apple one. The two things that annoy me about though are the inability to add a quick appointment by just tapping on a free space and the inability to be able to swipe left and right to go to the next day or month or whatever. Seems odd that bearing in mind how much store Apple puts in interacting, by touch, with their own software on the iPhone.

Calvetica was briefly reviewed on here before, it’s a promising app but is too basic at the moment and the font size cannot be changed, for specs wearers like me it is a bit on the small size as you have the big single day page view and then this tiny font with your event listings. I also don’t like the fact that it doesn’t block out the full time of the meeting but instead just states the finishing time of the event. I like, if I put in a meeting from 2-4pm to see that whole time blanked out.

Anyway, I made two purchases at the end of last week. The first was “Week Cal”. This offers, unsurprisingly, the week view that many like as well as a normal day view. It is better than the Apple stock app in the following areas:

  • you can swipe left and right to move between days/weeks
  • you can hold a free time to start adding a new meeting/event but then go into a very Apple like Calendar menu to add in the details
  • you can double tap the screen quickly to change between the day and week view
  • you can pick which hours of the day to show, I have it set only to show from 7am to 10pm which means less scrolling
  • the week view is good, it has a very GCal like appearance so those who use that will feel at home
  • you can change the font size and various other setting allow for some limited customisation
  • you can set default values for new events such as length and whether an alarm is needed
  • you can tap and hold an event and then move it to another time or use the built in cut and paste to move it to another day/week

I don’t think it syncs with GCal though unless you have your GCal syncing with the default Apple Calendar application, mine just seems to transfer info in from the latter automatically although if you were using this app you’d be adding events to it rather than the former anyway. Overall, quite cheap and better than the Apple app.

Next up was TapCal. This definately syncs with GCal out of the box and offers a day, week and month view. The week view is very a la PocketInformant and there are 5 different week view layouts to choose from. The day and month views are fairly typical looking. The app offers a lot, and I mean a lot, of customisation options but oddly none to change the font size which again, I find too small. Plenty to change font colours though……

Again, there are the nice swiping options to move between days/weeks/months but unfortunately no “tap to hold” quick entry system at the moment. You can however, if it matters to you, decide under which Calendar a new entry should go and pick which hours to show. Neither app provides icon support which is a pity, you get that with PI and it would be nice to have it here.  I actually prefer the look of this app to Week Calendar, it looks a bit more substantial with a chunky black and white UI but the huge amount of options in terms of settings and look seem to be at the expense of useablity features. Week Calendar is just a bit easier too use if you don’t need to manage more than one calendar.


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