BlackBerry CopyBook

Oh no…a Blackberry iPad, another gadget to want until it actually comes out and then you realise how average it is. This thing is not appearing until 2011 by which time its competitors, who already have tablets out, will have probably issued revised and improved versions of the existing tablets. They are saying that it will offer all the advantages of the BlackBerry business stuff but have called it the PlayBook. I wonder if you will need to take out one of those restrictive BlackBerry BIS/BES contracts in order to be able to use the email as you do on their smartphones. You can get and use an iPad, all the functions, without a phone contract and if this thing is going to compete then it needs to offer the same.

Not unsurprisingly, the BB sites are beside themselves with joy, probably more surprised than anything at the thought of RIM finally bringing out a nice looking device with a screen, at last, bigger than Keira Knightley’s boobs. All the bloggers (BB fanboys), gasp, seem to love it. Shaun at pda247, a well renowned BB fanboy, is getting himself worked up into a frightful state too stating that it “does look very good”. That could turn out to be the problem, it might look very good but what will it be like to use I wonder? The Pre looked very good for a while until it came to launch date and remember how they wouldn’t let anyone touch one until then, a bit like the PlayBook scenario yesterday when it was locked behind glass.

Pricing will be interesting as I’ll wager the next gen iPad will be cheaper or at least have better specs for the same price and they had better lose that silly BB data contract malarkay. Thing is, if you don’t have a BIS/BES contract how will you get your email as I doubt you could access it with just wifi? RIM are also going to have to get an awful lot of the good games people onboard if they wish to compete in the “PlayBook” sector, existing BB’s are not exactly renowned for the depth or breadth of quality gaming titles for their smartphones but of course a few golden dollars issued here and there may change all that. Can you see a whole lot of Android or iPad owners, already well immersed in their respective eco-systems, suddenly wanting to shift to a new platform, with a limited amount of 3rd party software, once it launches? Tough one that for RIM to break into methinks although of course there are plenty of BB users out there who may take a shine to it. Mind you, existing BB users haven’t exactly flocked to RIM’s other current big touchscreen equipped phone, the Storm, have they?

I’m not trying to diss this thing before it comes out, if I wasn’t already entrenched in the Apple/Mac/iPhone thing I’d be quite interested in this thing but I am and that effectively rules it out. I’ve already spent pots on software for the latter and another thing causes concern, how well or not the PlayBook would be able to access all my iTunes stuff out of the box. I suspect not well at all. Still, it could turn out to be amazing and if so, great.


One Response to “BlackBerry CopyBook”

  1. Gavin Fabiani-Laymond Says:

    Agree that by the time we get this Apple will have released the iPad 2. Also my current iPad is actually more advanced than this is many ways. I have 64gb memory, double the BB and a 3g sim card. Plus all the Apps and iTunes eco system just perfect.

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