BBC News – Chris Moyles launches on-air tirade over pay

BBC News – Chris Moyles launches on-air tirade over pay.

What is it with this guy? Read the article and marvel at his sheer arrogance…

“I was texting my agent last night,” he said, “and I am so angry that they’ve put me in this position where now I have to choose whether or not I go to work.”

“Fix it, just get it fixed. It’s a huge lack of respect.”

If this guys talent was as big as his ego he’d be well placed. Lack of respect my bottom….this is the problem with the whole DJ culture these days, everyone thinks they are a DJ and the amount of times you read or hear about people who slip in the moniker “DJ” when they talk about themselves.

I saw a programme about him a while back, he was touring round the UK on a mission to speak to every one who had been a Radio 1 Breakfast Show DJ since it started. He was treating the whole thing as if he was speaking to the Nobel Peace Price winners, each one being accorded some grossly over-inflated degree of importance as they recounted tedious tales of their wacky japes, battles with the then Radio 1 Head Controller and various other tales. You just have to read through the list of previous incumbents to get a feel for the size of collective ego’s involved…Tony Blackburn, Steve (I think I’m funny) Wright, Chris Evans and the like. These people were above music, the show was all about them and their tediously dull entourage who served no purpose other than to fawn at their self perceived greatness. Rather ironically, it was followed by a Smashey & Nicey retrospective, which clowns like Moyes probably interpret as a tribute.


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