Football round up

Well, quite enjoyed the Man Utd Liverpool clash yesterday although it was a bit of an odd match. The visitors were never really in it as an attacking sense but then again, Utd didn’t show much in the first half either yet still scored before half time. Second half looked like a formality after Utd’s 2nd but Liverpool grabbed a lifeline with the pen and then equalized and then really should have gone on to put further pressure on Utd’s increasingly flaky defence. Instead, Dimitar Barelyhadashot ended up with a hat trick that makes it sound like he had turned in some Pele-like performance when in actuality the reality was a mite different.

As for Fergie…..what he was on about over Torres? He should zip it and zip it good and have a look at his own players first before accusing anyone of play acting, Nani being a prime example of how to embarrass yourself with his falling over at every available opportunity….twat.

Anyway, enough about Manchester’s second club. City managed to get their season back on track with a first ever win at Wigan in the Premiership in what sounded like pretty poor conditions. Should keep Mancini in a job for another couple of weeks until they lose at West Brom in midweek and get beaten at home by Chelsea on Saturday. Nah, only kidding… City had to win this win as losing to a stupid 94th minute penalty at Sunderland and drawing at home with Blackburn are not indicators of a side capable of challenging for 3rd/4th spot in the league. Despite this pretty iffy start to the season City’s win lifted them up to 4th by tea-time on Sunday and the current top 5 in that league are the same five clubs who finished there at the seasons end last season.

As for the mighty Dons? The last couple of weeks have restored some sanity after our first two league games ended in wins. A point at Motherwell on Saturday was actually okay as it sounded like we could easily have lost. Depressingly, the 3rd placed team in the SPL is already a whopping 7 points behind the 2nd placed Old Firm team after only 5 games. Doesn’t augur well for the rest of the season but is unfortunately familiar.

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