Getting excited at TracyandMatt

I used to have a poke at this site for its heavy windows leanings and iffy “unboxing” videos, over the past year or so it has embraced Android and the iPhone,  probably more out of necessity as the Win Mo coverage has been forced to take a back seat, and indeed I tend to visit it on a daily basis.  It’s all quite unpretentious and civilised over there, a quiet and tranquil haven for smartphone fans who don’t want to mix it verbally, and all rather pleasant actually. Heck, I’ve even grown to quite enjoy the videos…..

Nonetheless, as the launch of Windows Phones 7 and all that approaches, I can sniff some of that pent up frustration being unleashed as they look forward to being able to discuss new devices and all things W7. This guy is getting quite excited anyway…..

On the subject of sites getting interested in Windows 7, Shaun has posted a video of a Samsung W7 phone in action. It doesn’t give much away except that it looks to have very good pinch and zoom capabilities, useful but hardly mission critical, as they say.  If the device is so good why does the guy in the video spend most of it pinching and zooming? Wouldn’t you want to have a good sniff around some apps that you might actually want to use?

I’m sure the whole thing will be very big on eye candy and be nice and simple to use, well, simple in comparison to previous Win Mo devices anyway but I’m not convinced it will offer anything that will be substantially better than Android or the iPhone iOS4. It may also suffer from the disadvantage of a lack of 3rd party software which in this day and age, when other platforms have had an app ecosystem in place for some time, may hold it back for a bit. Even if it turns out to be absolutely wonderful, I’ve invested so much in other platforms in terms of software and hardware that the thought of starting out afresh again does not appeal. I think the expression “can’t be arsed” sums it up.

Let’s be honest, the Zune and the Kin, Microsoft’s last two attempts at world domination in the mobile device market have not exactly proved successful.


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