Palm Pre SIM free….great idea (might have been a year ago)

…well, it might have been about 11 months ago. Even then it’s not the better specced Palm Pre Plus, no,  it’s the one from last year that nobody bought because it felt like the slider would come apart. So, another great idea from Palm who have really been dishing it out in the last few years in the great sales tactics and strategy stakes. It’s hard not to look back at their pompous January 2009 Pre introduction Keynote, subsequent iPhone killing claims and not snigger at their foolhardiness. With Palm it was just one fairly disastrous product launch/business decision after another which ended up with them in the position they are now.

Remember all those videos from January 2009 following the announcement, in which they were very careful not to let anybody apart from Palm employees actually handle the device. Now we know why, had reviewers been able to deduce the appalling build quality from day one the Pre would have been even more dead in the water than it was when it was finally launched 6 or so months later. Plus, launching it in the UK on just the one carrier with no SIM free option also turned out to be another poor business decision.

Of course, I have a Pre and bought it at launch and I kind of love the little fella despite its build quality shortcomings. Web OS is a great OS, miles better than Android but the battery life is poor, it wobbles like a Weeble and months after the App Catalogue was launched there is still not enough higher quality apps to rival Android or iOS. I think Palm sort of banked on a lot of the big Palm developers porting well loved Palm apps to the Pre, to satisfy the needs of hardened Palm users but to date it has just not happened. Most had already fled to iPhone and Android by then plus lukewarm Pre/Pixis sales have kind of killed that dead in the water.


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