Nokia new phones

…..again, it gets hard to be really,  make that even remotely motivated by new product announcements from Nokia. When was the last genuinely great Nokia smartphone? The E71 was good but although the E72 improved on it specs-wise it was already starting to look a bit dated with that ultra low res screen in mid to late 2009.  A 2010 device in a similar form factor with hi-res screen would be a major improvement for me. It seems that only the Nokia faithful can work up a sweat over new launches these days, the N97 which was going to be the big thing for them turned out to be a bit lame, beset by initial reliability problems and launched in a less than fit for consumption state. Nokia obviously realise that it getting near make or break time for them in the smartphone arena….

I did consider an N97 mini for a bit but that’s nothing special, I’ve probably considered just about every other smartphone in the last 5 years for a bit too but my previous Nokia experiences put me off.

Anyway, just possibly Nokia might have come up with something decent. The E90 replacement looks okay and is slimmer and smaller than the previous communicator bricks so may well appeal to many although you can’t help but feel that a sizeable chunk of the target market have already moved on, upwards and onwards. Their previous iPhone/HTC style slab attempts have met with almost universal indifference to date.

Not sure I agree with the following bits though from the press release:

– Showcase of the Nokia N8, the ultimate entertainment smartphone and world’s best cameraphone;
– Availability of a richer Ovi Store experience – starting with the Nokia N8 – that includes a friendlier look and feel, and more  popular and unique apps and games;

Hmmm…”ultimate entertainment” might be a bit too hopeful bearing in mind the competition out there whilst in the second paragraph they need to get someone who can cut down on the use of the word “and”.


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