2010…year of few phones

Regular readers will know of my previous history and less than wise purchases down the years. This year, so far, I have only bought 2 phones (and kept them) which for me is some sort of record. These being the HTC Legend and new iPhone 4. Amazingly too I have managed to avoid buying an iPad. Mind you, I did give some serious consideration to an HTC Desire up until mid June and I can say, hand on heart, that there is nothing else out there that really appeals at the moment. The BlackBerry Torch is speaking to me but I can’t really hear what it’s saying or rather I am trying to ignore it. Android is okay but a bit overrated plus I don’t like where it’s going with all that Windows Mobile stuff going on, I hate all that “holier than thou” and “open-ness” angle protestations from them which I always find hugely ironic given their Microsoft background. Not that I’m bitter or anything…

I think when I saw the new iPhone 4 I just sort of knew it would be my next phone. For most of this year I had either been using an iPhone 3g or my old 2g mainly because of the applications, which I consider superior to those available on Android, and because of the ease of use for people who use macs when it comes to syncing music and pics and keeping track of applications in iTunes. I just find it so simple and convenient to be able to do so much under the one roof within iTunes.

Over the past few months, since I have been using the iPhone, I have found myself cutting back on a lot of the things I used to do on smartphones. Gone are the days when a new device arrived and the first 2/3 days were spent manically trying to cram on every single piece of info I’d accumulated over the previous 5 years, the vast majority of which I never once referred to once it was finally loaded on. Why did I bother? Mainly because I think I could…..These days I am far more selective even though it is now easier to transfer docs and the like onto today”s smartphones rather than having to go through some of the hoops that the process entailed a few years ago. I still use the likes of email and RSS a lot whilst Twitter useage is increasing and as the camera on the iPhone is so decent I find myself taking more photos and using the video recording a lot too. I’ve also started to play some games on it as well. The todo style apps are so good for iOS that I find myself using that feature quite a bit, a lot more than I did on the Legend for example.


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