What is it with?

Sports people and their bloody kids? Why do they feel the need to parade them at every available opportunity? Just been watching the highlights of a rather turgid and dull women’s US Open Final and sure enough there was the winner giving an on court post match speech with her Shirley Temple look-a-like (never a good look for a kid) little brat beside her. Are we all supposed to go oooohhhh-aahhhh what a beautiful little child, how wonderful you must be to have mothered/fathered such a lovely little thing etc etc etc cos it ain’t going to happen with me.

It’s the same when Team X wins the English/Scottish/Spanish/Italian league and gets presented with the trophy, as sure as fate we then have to suffer as the players troop around the pitch, ugly little offspring in tow so not only do we have to pay homage to their sporting prowess (as if a £5m a year salary isn’t homage enough for them) but we have to also pay homage to their kids. The sight of an ugster like Wayne Rooney can be frightening enough without having to witness the horror that is his pug faced son. Look at me! I managed to father a child, aren’t I wonderful.


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