Powerbook G4 bites the dust?

Sadly it looks like my son’s 12 inch Powerbook may be at death’s door as it refuses to charge anymore. I thought at first it was the charger itself which had become, through ill use, a bit wobbly and the pin in the connector was askew. A replacement was ordered off Amazon, I’ve stopped buying stuff like this off eBay as the standard of some of the stuff on eBay is getting worse, but it failed to charge the Powerbook too. Not much else I can do then except look for some miracle cure on the internet or send it in for repair. Bearing in mind it only cost me £100 2 and a half years ago and would probably cost me the same to get it properly fixed then I have to consider if it is worthwhile. It looks to me like my son managed to jam the charger in and the nobbly thin bit on the end of the charger has got stuck on the charger bit inside the Powerbook.

The Powerbook itself is in very good condition for its age and it would therefore be a shame to just give up on it but what else can you do? I could risk spending £100 plus trying to get it fixed and end up with it still knacked. In the meantime Edwin has been using the Samsung netbook, quite glad it is finally getting some use actually, and although it is far newer than the 9 year old Powerbook he prefers the latter. Of course I could try and use this to my advantage by trying to get a new Macbook Pro, keeping that and then claiming to let Edwin and the wife use that instead. Only problem is my current MBPro is still in far too good nick to let Edwin “the destroyer” anywhere near it.


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