BBC News – UK ‘blind’ to British black female artists

BBC News – UK ‘blind’ to British black female artists.

Perhaps it’s because it’s mostly pap? Alexandra Burke? That Mariah Carey warbly wannabee? Well, you can stick her and her manufactured X-Factor blandness right up your jimmy jacksy for starters, that’s why she never features in these type of awards.

I don’t like this sort of article, it seems to be implying some racist tone without having the guts to come out and actually say it. There’s nothing racist about the position at the moment as there is plenty of black music in the charts and anyway, since when is winning an award a guarantee or 100% bona fide proof of musical taste or ability?

I think we’ve known over the years that British tastes have sort of blind-spots,

Yes indeed, hence the reason Ms Burke and her ilk sell so many records.


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