Brodit iPhone 4 passive car holder

I splashed out on one of these last week from PDAHut and finally got around to installing it at the weekend. You also need to order up the Brodit clip thing too, it’s the part that clips onto a suitable mounting spot in your car. Just a couple of things to mention about the installation process. Clipping the plate in was easy but trying to screw the screws in that secure the holder to the mounting clip was a real pain, the screws are tiny and kept falling out and down into the car footwells, one of which was never seen again. I’d recommend using a magnetic screwdriver for this bit.

Once attached however, it can be swivelled to make sure you get a good angle for your iPhone. The iPhone holder is very secure and has a nice padding to slip the phone into to. The only problem is that it is a tight fit and as such if you are not careful when you pull it out then you can, as I did, end up with a screen protector lifting off at the sides. In my case, the Zagg on the back of the iPhone was lifting at the bottom left corner, no doubt because the protector was slightly off centre and the edge had just got a wee knick. I then reapplied a fresh one, ensuring that it was aligned better and the problem has not resurfaced. If you use a case on your iPhone 4 then it won’t fit in the Brodit holder, that’s for sure unless you do some unadvisable bending off the holder. That’s the trouble with cases in my view, they may look and feel quite nice but they stop you using certain accessories unless you are prepared to constantly take the phone in and out of the case.


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