Footie season starting soon…

Two of the Dons new signings with legend Mark McGhee

Mind you, has it ever been away what with the 4 week soccer fest that was the World Cup. The Scottish Premier League will start ahead of the English one and once again I find myself distinctly un-looking forward to it. It’s hard to get excited about a league where only 2 teams have a realistic chance of winning it and the rest sort of scramble around desperately trying to avoid getting dragged into a relegation dogfight. Aberdeen have been splashing out of late and have brought in 5 players for the princely initial sum of £0, 4 of them are from the lower leagues in England which does not quite warm the cockles of expectation too highly.

Still, it’s a rather depressing indication of our current plight and that of Scottish football too. Rangers, last seasons SPL chumps…sorry champs…have been selling right left and centre and the standard of the SPL can be measured by the fact that their top players from last season have ended up in the English Championship, one step down from their top tier and there was bugger all interest from any of the Premier clubs in the Rangers fire sale. Changed days indeed from when top Scottish players were a staple part of any decent English top flight side….

When we were in CentreParcs I was surprised, nay horrified, to see the amount of Rangers tops around, generally being sported by overweight middle aged men with their similarly attired chavy looking siblings. Why do they do it?  Why do they think it is a good idea to look like a ned? “Look at me, I am a supporter of the most bigoted team in world football”…why not top it off with a pair of authentic Peter Sutcliffe socks from the endorsed “Yorkshire Ripper” range.

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  1. David Ross Says:

    And its the whole ” I must be better than you cause my team are champions” attitude that get my goat I know I never did that in the 80s Yup not really looking forward to the new season

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