Back on the HTC Legend

Got back from our hols later on this afternoon and immediately got a call from Apple’s courier to arrange collection of my faulty iPhone for tomorrow morning. It was with great sadness that I did a last back up on iTunes then wiped it clear of all info and then packed it all up into the box ready for collection. I then had a quick peruse online to check out availability of a replacement and was pretty devastated to note the still acute shortages at all the phone places and 3 week wait online at the Apple Store. Thing is, with the forthcoming launch in lots more countries scheduled for the next week or so things are not going to improve anytime soon. It could be weeks, in fact it will be weeks, before I can source a new one. That has made my return from holiday and back to reality even worse as I was enjoying using it so much.

I still have the Palm Pre and HTC Legend of course and the latter has been pressed back into service. Unfortunately, having chopped down my main SIM to fit into the iPhone 4 I find that using the micro SIM adapter that came with the  SIM cutter in the Legend is a no go as it won’t click in properly. It works fine in the Pre though but I’d prefer to use the Legend so have reverted back to my older SIM which is still the original size. I then had to inform a pile of folk of the temporary change of number which was a pain but there you go. I’ll revert back to the chopped SIM when I get a replacement iPhone.

It feels a bit odd going back to the Legend. The screen is not as good, the apps are not as good, the camera is mediocre and the video recording is just acceptable. The people that I showed video that I’d shot on the iPhone 4 to all uniformly remarked how sharp it looked, they won’t be saying that about video shot on the Legend. At this point in time I’m struggling to think of anything that the Legend does better than the iPhone and frankly the whole thing just feels like a comedown. I don’t know what it is about Android that feels like a let down but if pushed I’d say it is starting to turn into Windows Mobile what with all that bleating on about “open-ness”, cooked ROM’s, emphasis on specs and general all round smugness of the Android sites. Heck, I might even go back to using the Pre instead as the whole Android scene is starting to feel like something I don’t especially want to be part of anymore.


3 Responses to “Back on the HTC Legend”

  1. David Ross Says:

    The way its going you might even end up firing up a 680. I can loan you a T68i for that Zire72 if you want 😉 That’s tough with the iPhone though as Apples gear always seems so well built

  2. HTC Legend Mobile Phone - News, Information, Deals & Offers Says:

    […] Back on the HTC Legend « Palm-MacI still have the Palm Pre and HTC Legend of course and the latter has been pressed back into service. Unfortunately, having chopped down my main SIM to fit into the iPhone 4 I find that using the micro SIM adapter that came with the SIM … […]

  3. Paul Schofield Says:

    From personal experience, Apple’s fanboys & the Homebrew scene are just as bad as fanboys on any other platform. Probably the WebOS guys are the best, just. This is why I avoid a lot of these sites and concentrate on getting decent apps & using the phone.
    There are some very good apps available for the Legend. Have a look at some of these. You possibly know some or all from your previous Legend/Hero usage
    Pocket Informant – coming to Android ‘soon.’
    Advanced Task Killer- use it to close those pesky apps that like to run on their own
    Got To Do – works very well with Toodledo.
    Remember The Milk – obvious what that works with!
    TweetCaster free & Premium – great Twitter app
    Handcent SMS – useful Message app replacement
    vizBattery – graphical battery widget
    PhoneWeaver – profiles manager, porter from Win Mob version
    Evvernote – syncs with PC/Mac version
    AK Notepad – simple notepad app
    BeyondPod – pod catcher app
    Astros File Manager
    Jorge – calendar replacement
    Facebook app isn’t too bad

    Have a look at jkontherun & James Kendrick’s EVO tips – they work on the Legend too & have helped increase battery life significantly

    Hope you enjoy the Legend again, until you get your new iPhone 4

    Regards, Paul

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