Soon to be iPhone-less again

Heading home to Edinburgh tomorrow after our week long trip to CentreParcs in Whinfell Forest and a great time was had by all. Apple will be arranging a courier to come and collect my defective iPhone 4 some time this week and it is a bitter sweet state of affairs. I enjoyed using the iPhone 4 these past three weeks and what surprised me is how much of a step up it is from the iPhone 3G that was the last iPhone I used for a concerted period about a year ago. Just after that I moved to the HTC Hero then the BlackBerry Bold 8900 and then the Palm Pre and then onto the HTC Legend. Over the past 8 months I have more or less alternated between the latter two.

The iPhone 4 is much quicker than the 3G, the screen is very good and it has come into its own on my holiday via the very good camera and video recording capabilities. I’m not really looking forward to having to use the Legend again as in comparison the camera is pants and the video recording ability distinctly average too. More importantly, 3rd party software is superior on the iPhone and I’m struggling to think of a single bit of software, that I use on a regular basis, that is better on Android over the iPhone. I hope I can pick up a new iPhone sooner rather than later as I find it suits my needs rather well at the moment. I would not dare to say that it is the best smartphone in the world as I suspect that the likes of the newer Android superphones are technically probably better but for my needs and for the type of software that I use these days, the iPhone is better for me. When I manage to pick up a new one I will probably sell the Legend but keep the Pre as the latter, with its wobbly slider action, may prove troublesome to shift on eBay as I wouldn’t particularly want to pass it on as is to somebody else.

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