Upset…my iPhone 4 is warping on the side

Warped iPhone 4

Well, I was very pleased with my new unlocked direct from Apple iPhone 4 as it had luckily exhibited none of the antenna signal problems nor was the proximity sensor an issue. I felt like one of the chosen few that is until I went on holiday this week down to CentreParcs in Whinfell Forest. There I was with my iPhone, snapping away and taking some very good quality pictures thanks to the excellent on board camera and shooting the odd hi-res video too. And then I noticed it…well, actually I had sort of noticed it before and it started with a few bits of dust on the right hand side of the phone, near where the small “nick” in the antenna is. I tried to get the bits of dust out by just wiping them away but couldn’t shift them at all. Initially I wasn’t worried and just thought I’d wait until I was back in the house and could then use a card or something to flick them away gently but then when I got back, to my horror, I noticed that there was actually a gap in that corner and that it was starting to push the antenna band out. You can perhaps see it in the attached photo, it’s not very good quality but it does show the slight warping. The phone has not been dropped or banged or anything that could have caused this warping effect and it wasn’t there when I first got it, it has just started over the last few days.

At that point I got that horrible sinking feeling, that nasty feeling in my stomach that just screams “oh shit”. I thought I’d just leave it for a day or so and not panic too much but over the next 24 hours it was constantly on my mind and was becoming depressing. I hate that so much. I’m still in the 30 day refund process stage so I phoned Apple this morning and got through to someone who was very helpful, when I explained that it was starting to separate he got straight down to the refund process and it will be collected next week when I get back to Edinburgh. Darn it…things were going so well with the phone.

I suppose I could have just kept it but to be honest, it’s not the sort of problem that is going to go away and nor would it get any better, if anything it will just get worse so there’s no point in being a martyr, especially when I can just send it back for a full refund and get another one when they are back in stock later on. I may even wait a couple of months to see if the next few batches are any better. This is the first Apple product I have ever returned within the 30 days as it is the first one that has needed to be returned as it was faulty. I do feel a lot better now though, now that I have got it sorted out and it has stopped being a worry. I do get a bit hacked off with this sort of thing and I hate having a device that is flawed in some way as it it is always there, right in front of me and it makes me feel very uncomfortable, I just can’t ignore things like that as it’s not in  my nature to be able to ignore it.

The only problem now is that I don’t want to use it any further whilst I am on holiday in case it gets damaged elsewhere. I did wisely bring a back up phone with me, my Palm Pre but unwisely I decided to forget to bring a charger for it and also forgot to charge it prior to leaving. There are no shops in the resort here selling chargers so I am basically stuck with a phone that will last about half a day at the most and have not been using a phone now since Wednesday morning.

I suppose I am actually quite lucky in that the fault could have materialised outwith the 30 day return period which would have left me in a slightly more tricky situation. Or, it could have been more awkward too had I bought the iPhone from a carrier here in the UK as opposed to direct from Apple as they might have been a bit sticky about it. Still, the bottom line is that it is another high end smartphone that I have sent back quickly because it was faulty in the manufacturing sense and this is starting to become an issue.

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  1. Simon Says:

    That is bizarre!

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