Apple and their iPhone problems

It’s hard to know whom to believe in all this antenna and proximity sensor stuff. I suspect Apple more a lot more than they are letting on. Frankly, I find it disappointing that they came out with that rather silly we are “stunned” to discover we made a mistake with the signal bars thing as it’s all rather unlikely that they were not genuinely aware that there was an issue. Luckily, it’s not an issue for me and even if it was the iPhone 4 still gives me a much better reception strength than the HTC Legend which I also own. It loses signal completely at least 2/3 times a day for no apparent reason.

When I first started using Apple products they were not the size they are now…the company that is, not the actual products. Back then, in the late 90’s they were best known for making desktops and laptops and I’d just splashed out nearly £800 (in 1998!) for a bondi blue iMac. I think they were patronised a bit by most geeks, regarded as a harmless little niche market company who would always struggle but who produced well built if ultimately overpriced tech stuff. I sort of grew to like Apple then, I liked the quality of the hardware and I felt I was supporting the underdog, railing against the establishment and majority and at the time it fitted in with my slightly rebellious outlook on life.

Twelve years on and things have changed. A few years ago I took my first big steps, nay strides, into the near mythical “comfort zone” and have never looked back. The Comfort Zone is a great place, it’s a place where you don’t give a stuff anymore about what is cool or trendy, where you don’t give two hoots about what anyone thinks about you anymore and just basically do what you want, when you want with the ultimate and overriding goal of making things easier for yourself. Boy, does it feel good. Apple have changed too. Now they are a huge Company, at one point a few weeks ago they were bigger, in terms of market capitalization, than Microsoft which 12 years ago would have been unimaginable.  They makes lots of things and sell lots of things and make heaps of dosh. When you’re that big and doing so much it surely must be inevitable that standards slip now and again and your outlook changes. I’m not sure what exactly I’m trying to say here as I still believe that deeper down, Apple and Jobs are still trying to do the right thing but my concern is that standards may inadvertantly slip and if so, they have to be honest about it and not hide behind all that corporate baloney speak because people will see right through it. And their reputation, carefully built up down the years through goodwill, will suffer big time.

This antenna thing looks bad. How could a company who pride themselves so much on the quality of their products balls up something that must have been tested out in the real world? The guys on MacBreak podcast gave them the benefit of the doubt but only just the other week but I ‘m not so sure that Apple aren’t culpable here.


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