Incipio Feather Case for the iPhone 4

I’ve got an iPod Touch and from birth it has been carefully protected by an Incipio Feather case, quite possibly the best case I’ve ever had on a mobile device as it is very thin, has a lovely matte finish and is thus very grippy and you really get the feeling that the case wraps around your device as opposed to the device just sort of sitting in it, if that makes sense.

So, I was very excited to see that the same style of case is now available here in the UK for the new iPhone. To be honest, I hadn’t even considered getting any other case from day one as I knew, or thought I knew rather, that nothing else would be as good and in anticipation of this, ordered one up. I was more concerned about having the back of the iPhone covered to avoid the possibility of any scratches appearing and thus the style of the case seemed perfect. I don’t like running with cases that have flip lids or covers as I just find they get in the way and any case that I use has to be light and slim and unobtrusive.

The case arrived last week. It comes with a screen protector which I have no intention of applying as if it is bad as the one that came with the iPod Touch then it will be useless. That one, when applied, managed to works itself free of the screen within a few days leaving huge bubbles randomly strewn about. Not ideal. Of course this new one might be loads better but I’m sure there are better stand alone screen protectors out there anyway should I decide to go for one at some point.

The case is okay but I’m a bit disappointed and here’s why. As mentioned above, the Incipio case on my iPod Touch fits really snuggly around the device and covers the top and sides, aside from cut outs for the volume controls whilst there is an obvious gap at the bottom to allow you to charge it up.  I feel that it gives the impression of an incredibly well made and well fitting case and six months down the line it still looks and feels brand new. The iPhone version also feels very well made and it fits very well too but it doesn’t feel the same…’s hard to explain but the phone sort of sits in the case as opposed to the case wrapping around the phone. The top is mostly exposed for the headphone socket and on/off button and there is a big gap there. The same applies to the bottom and left hand side.

Don’t get me wrong, the case is very nice and also has that lovely soft and grippy matte finish but the squarer design of the new iPhone does not suit the case as well mainly because the phone does not feel as well ensconced inside the case as it does on the iPod Touch version. It’s still a nice thing though and if I hadn’t stuck on the Zagg back screen protector I’d have probably run with the Incipio case full time.  Or, had I not used the iPod Touch version I’d have probably thought this case was the bees knees. Those of you who use a case purely for the protection aspect should you drop the phone should either be more careful or look elsewhere for another more substantial case with more all over protection.

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2 Responses to “Incipio Feather Case for the iPhone 4”

  1. incipio feather iphone 4 Says:

    great case love mine

  2. bean bags Says:

    i got one and it cracked within in 3 months

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