Zagg iPhone 4 protector

This iPhone 4 thing, according to Apple, has virtually scratch proof glass construction yet that is not what is being reported around the web. Several web luminaries have seen the back of their iPhone scratched already which must be heartbreaking and this has been well documented elsewhere. I remember scratching my Centro early on and every time I looked at the screen it was like a dagger through my heart. Getting a new phone, covered in that protective front and back covers when you extract it from the box, is one of life’s little pleasures but that feeling of hopelessness soon engulfs as you realise that it will never again look so pristine…sigh.

Anyway, I decided on a whim, when I was in Carphonewarehouse at the weekend, to purchase a Zagg all over protector mainly because I didn’t like the look of the available cases and the fact they had them in stock at £14.99 for the full monty…front and back and side protection sheets. I was a bit wary though as I’ve thought about buying a Zagg protector before but had been put off entirely by the prospect of applying it. However, the fact that the iPhone is flat on the front and back encouraged me to have a bash, no nasty corners to have to fold the protector over as with so many other phones.

The pack comes with all over protection sheets, a squidgie thing to use to wipe away bubbles and excess liquid, a lint free cloth and a small plastic container with the all important applicator liquid. My advice here is quite simple, pay particular attention to the comprehensive instructions that come with the Zagg kit and you shouldn’t go far wrong. My original intention was to just put a cover on the back glass of the iPhone but that turned out to be so straightforward that I also did the front screen. I found it surprisingly simple, clean the phone first, wet your fingers with the supplied liquid, get the protector out of the sealed packet, spray front and back, stick it on the phone, line it up and then use the squidgy to push excess liquid to the sides and out and get rid of bubbles. I was lucky enough to get it lined up quite quickly. As with just about every other single previous screen protector application in the past I was expecting to find bits of dust trapped and little bubbles and initially, when you have wiped off the excess liquid the back of the iPhone looked a bit of a mess and I was thinking, there is no way this is going to look good when it is fully dry but……less than 12 hours later, when it had all settled down you wouldn’t have noticed there was a protector on…not a bubble or bit of dust in sight, truly remarkable.

After a day or so though I took of the front screen protector as it gives a very faint sort of orange peel effect and I also felt the screen looked a bit less clear with it on. It also went on amazingly well too by the way although it did take a bit longer to line up and again, not a bubble or mark in sight.

A few days later I am glad that I have the back one on (and it will definately stay on) as it gives me extra re-assurance, it is a bit grippier too than the naked iPhone, you genuinely would not know it is on and it was a heck of a lot easier to apply than I had anticipated.


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