He’s back…and this time it’s personal

Greetings dear readers, it’s good to be back. Boy, have I been busy. Actually, I haven’t really but the World Cup was on and to pay it full justice a chap really needs to concentrate for the full month, cast asunder all other irrelevancies and remain fully focussed, hence the lack of posts.

So, here we all are and it’s back to business. My iPhone 4 finally arrived last week after a 3 week wait that seemed to last about three months. I considered getting one via o2 by paying up part of my contract as per their less than generous early upgrade offer but instead plumped for buying one unlocked direct from Apple. I sort of knew after the iPhone 4 official announcement that I’d be returning to the iPhone fold, especially when the new version came with the things that I was really looking for –  a much better camera, video recording, a slimmer form factor and a much better screen. My Android experiment has been fun but there’s just something about Android that I don’t get along with and it was starting to grate. I can’t put it into words but one or two things were starting to irk me about the whole Android experience. I reckon that all those annoying “specs are king” ex-Windows Mobile users have now migrated over the past 6 months to Android. You know the type, the ones who would be visibly wetting themselves on WM websites as a succession of heavily spec laden but ultimately unuseable WM phones (Sony Xperia X1 take a bow) hove into view.

You can see it now on the likes of Phandroid and Android Central as they wet themselves over the prospect of the latest Android slab having a 25 inch screen, 8 GHz processor and 34 tonnes of internal memory, this specs war is all a bit tedious to me and always has been as I’ve never equated all that power with meaning a superior quality of device. No, I’m starting to see Android as the bastard (but vastly improved) son of Herr Windows Mobile. All the nerdy ROM altering types have migrated to Android, hence the proliferation of home cooked ROM’s available. And don’t get me started on the smugness of these ex Win Mo users who now use Android and bleat on about the “open-ness” of it all and how that morally it’s the only platform they could feel comfortable using for that reason….”oh yeah, I’m so right on man…look at me”….Yawn.

Enough of the petty griping though. I’m pleased I’m back on the iPhone, fellow mac users at home will know how relatively simple it is to manage an iPhone via a Mac and like it or loathe it, the tight/closed Apple set up makes for a good user experience. I’d love Apple to be more open if only to avoid reading all the negative stuff, which always makes me feel a tad embarassed, but at the end of the day that closed approach suits my “lazy boy” approach. I’ve paid my dues as regards making a stand against these big slobbering companies in the past and now it’s time to let others take on the mantle and fight the fight….errr, good luck to you by the way.

I reckon then I’ll be concentrating mostly on the iPhone platform, with a bit of good old Web OS thrown in, from now on and any Android stuff will only be of a derogatory nature.


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