Pixi Plus and Pre Plus at o2

I was up town this afternoon, the main aim being to pick up some new shirts for work, and of course I got diverted. Incidentally, I had intended to pop into the T-Mobile store on Princes Street to have a look at their new budget android set which is available on pay-as-you-go very cheaply but the darn shop has gone….well it’s still there, it’s just that it’s not now inhabited by T-Mobile or for that matter, anybody. There is an increasing amount of empty shops up town these days no doubt partly due by how hard the Local Council make it for anybody to actually get into town these days with the ongoing tram works.

I nipped into o2 and was surprised to see both the Pre Pus and Pixi Plus out on display, in their own little section of the shop. I thought they weren’t going to be available until the 28th…..I had a wee play with both of them although they were sort of strapped into their holders which meant you couldn’t actually lift them up or turn them around or anything. Still, I have deduced that the Pre Plus has a much improved keyboard over the original Pre and my attempts to cause the slider to wobble came to nothing so it looks like the build quality is improved too. From flicking through the menus I would also say that the device is quicker as apps seemed to open a bit quicker. Having just had a Pixi Plus the other week I didn’t spend much time with it but I would say it has a great keyboard, the best of any recent device I’ve used and the build quality is good.  The picture on the left is one that I took with the HTC Legend in the store today. I asked the sales guy if they were selling the Pre Plus on pay-as-you-go and was completely blanked, had they been I’d have probably picked one up as the Plus appears to sort the niggles that plagued, to an extent, the original Pre via a much better build and much better  and much clickier keypad. Folk can laugh at the poor maligned Palm Pre but it is a very good phone. It has great call quality, fantastic reception, great wifi reception and other good points.

They also had the HTC Desire on a working display too so I fiddled with that. I don’t know what o2 have done with this particular example but I found it to be a bit slow and laggy which is at complete odds with what everyone else has been saying about it. I reckon I’m just about at the end of my Android experience. The hardware on these HTC phones is top class but there’s just something about Android that is all a bit unpolished and unfinished feeling plus the on screen keyboard on the Legend, compared to that on the iPhone, is very much 2nd class. I really struggle with it and it makes using apps that require text entry, a lot, a pain in the derriere.


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