Palm Pixi Plus….sob…is gone, poor little fella

I was getting on just great with the Pixi Plus and then the darn power button bit sort of vanished/fell off. I honestly don’t know what happened to it. The night before I had been out at this pompous dinner (and had the worst meal I think I’ve ever had) and when I got back home I took off the battery cover and swopped SIM cards. The next morning I couldn’t switch it on, I was pressing away and nothing was happening. I reckon that a small bit had just fallen/broken off when I took off the battery cover…

On the subject of battery covers the Pixi has a very odd and not very nice set up. The whole of the back, extending up and round to the sides comes off in a oner and getting it off is quite scary. The original cover that came with the Pixi was replaced early on by me with the touchstone compatible one and in my struggle to get the original off I noticed that I had gouged a bit of it off (it’s very rubbery). Take care with it people.

I was a bit disappointed by this sudden non-working mode but luckily it happened on the 13th day of the 14 day return period so I quickly emailed the seller and he quickly got back saying he would honour the return and refund…phew. The Pixi is a nice little thing. Plus points

  • tiny form factor
  • very slim
  • nice screen
  • great multitasking
  • easy to move from Pre to Pixi with your Palm Profile and redownload your apps
  • great keyboard
  • it has a camera
  • very good phone and wifi reception
  • Web OS has some good Twitter apps
  • very easy to set up and ongoing maintenance is low

Not so good

  • that camera is not very good and the flash is a bit iffy too
  • getting the back off is a nightmare
  • can be laggy at times, often it will just stop for a few seconds
  • getting used to the smaller screen after the Pre/Legend is not easy
  • you’ll really struggle to get a qwerty one, unlocked and without a contract here in the UK
  • bits might fall off….
  • front looks a bit bare…naked even
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2 Responses to “Palm Pixi Plus….sob…is gone, poor little fella”

  1. David Ross Says:

    lucky for you it was still in the 14 days. By the way comment here posted from Zire72s and bluetooth connection thro laptops broadband connection.

  2. Palm Pixi Plus….sob…is gone, poor little fella | Best Smartphone 2010 Says:

    […] Palm-Mac Smartphone & PDApalm, pixi plus, smartphone ← Dear Nokia. Sort it out. Leave a […]

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