HTC….quietly repetitive

Okay, so everyone and their dog thinks that HTC are the greatest thing since sliced bread when it comes to smartphones and can do no wrong. Here’s another new HTC Android phone coming out soon…the Wildfire….and already it is getting plenty positive press. To me, it’s just another re-iteration of their current line up, it’s the same form factor as the Desire and Legend except smaller. I really wish HTC would apply some of their self claimed innovative style to producing an Android phone with either a slide out or front facing qwerty keyboard. I’m still really struggling with the keyboard on the Legend which still seems to have a mind of its own, the phone is a little too narrow to allow you to use the onscreen keyboard comfortably as the keys are too close together. I’ve tried using the compact qwerty but annoyingly it changes itself from ABC mode to predictive from application to application and you’ll start typing and be halfway through a couple of words before you realise you’re in the wrong mode.

And really, is HTC Sense really that great? What does it add? Some extra homescreens may be useful to some but the actual Android launcher is available to launch apps on every homescreen on a normal Android phone anyway and it can be just as quick to open an application using the stock launcher as via HTC Sense. It’s great that HTC are really going for the Android market and are launching so many new handsets but I’d really like to get something a little different from their usual slabby iphone clone form factor.


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