End of the season….

So, that is the end of the English Premiership and City, as expected, blew their chances of finishing 4th when they lost (predictably) at home to Spurs last week. Watching it at home on the telly there was an increasing sense of inevitability about the match the longer it was goalless and the longer it went on, Spurs were pressing and pressing and seemed to have free reign to pop in as many crosses as they liked from either flank, most of which caused us trouble. In comparison, City lacked any ideas up front and looked less and less likely to be able to create the decent chance they needed to nick what would have been an undeserved winner. Ah well, there’s always next season….a season hopefully that will start with a decent defence.

Still, I can console myself with the fact that, as predicted here a few months ago, Utd ended up winning piss all apart from the Carling Cup. I knew at the time, even when Utd were in 2nd in the league and still in the Champions League, that they were going to win zip all and that’s why Sir Alex Taggert had picked his strongest team to play City in the semi-final as he knew it too. Never mind the daft and severely misguided rantings of the grizzled old sourpuss last week when he claimed it was a “travesty” that Utd hadn’t made it to the final (?) the old codger knows his boys are on the wane and long may it continue….


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