A daftie…and other things…like a Bad Kitty

I thought this post was pretty silly. Not so much silly actually but just plain stoooopid and as a man who has posted plenty of stooopid posts himself, I should jolly well know. I’ve just plucked out a few…

  • Advertising Service iAd: This will be a mobile advertising service that sounds a lot like the advertising API’s already announced by RIM. These were supposed to be launched right around now, but at least we know they’re coming.
  • Global Inbox: Oh right, it’s a pain to manage several email accounts on an iPhone. That must be really annoying.
  • An Improved UI: I have a new improved UI regularly; it’s called a theme.

Well, most would say there’s slightly more to having a great UI than just having a myriad of horrendous “themes” available. You only have to look at any online BB store to see how their cheap and cheerful themes clog up the app listings at the expense of decent software. As for “advertising service iAd”, is her seriously suggesting this is something that people are actually begging for? The whole post is rather pitiful and smacks of desperation as the RIM OS starts to look even more dated and unappealing following Apple’s announcement of the proposed improvements to OS4.

Okay, today I purchased another two apps for my Pre. Yak and BadKitty, both Twitter apps. Yak is quite plain but has the features I need and it has the navigation bar at the bottom that avoids the need to dig into preferences (unlike Tweed) to view direct messages. It also offers notifications but that is a feature I can do without especially as my Pre battery life is still appalling. I’d love to tell you how good Bad Kitty is but unfortunately it won’t even let me log into my twitter account and thus I cannot actually use it. For some reason it skips the sign in page…I’ve emailed the developer but they haven’t bothered to reply yet.

I hate to bang on about this but here goes, web OS is stunning and to do it justice I need to get my hands on a Pixi form factor. The apps I have bought or got for nothing are elegant, simple and easy to use and they have that uniformity of presentation and navigation that makes for an experience that feels unified, in sync and iPhone like.

Talking of unresponsive developers…Twidroid has not worked on my HTC Legend as I get connection errors. It downloads now and again and then the next time won’t. I entered into a conversation with the developers via email and their suggestions smacked of not listening to the info I was giving them and not really giving a stuff. So I moved to Touiteur and it works just fine, has a lovely interface and does all I need.


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