Pre apps coming thick and errr….half-fast

After my minor splurge at the weekend on a few items I have been checking on a daily basis to see whether the main ones I am after have finally appeared. I was pleased to see that the excellent Newsroom is now out, I think it cost £3.99 but it is well worth it for an easy to use and navigate RSS reader. It doesn’t sync with Google Reader which some will see as a pain but it’s not that big a deal for me nor can it import feeds from an opml file so adding feeds takes a bit of time. Luckily, the in-app search facility for finding feeds is very accurate. I also added “Poster” which is a blogging tool for WordPress users like yours truly, good value at under a pound.

I must say that I think the apps for Web OS are of a higher calibre than under Android, it’s just a pity my Pre is not up to actually being used in earnest at the moment as the battery issues have returned. One thing I have noticed in all the Pre apps, both free and paid, is that there is not a huge choice under the “preferences tab”. You expect that in a free bit of software but in a paid one you do expect a bit more. It’s odd, the battery appears to move too quickly down from 100%  down to about 50% and then really slows down, almost as if I am getting twice as much power from the 50% down to 0% part. I could be imagining it of course, I’m certainly not imagining however the ludicrous 15% power drain per hour just sitting on the desk doing nothing unfortunately. Darn it, I love the Pre but I’m not sure the Pre is the proper hardware for me and Web OS. Using the Legend over the past week has sort of rubbed it in. How can HTC make such a wonderful device, so sturdy and desirable, for a cost that is less than the Pre would cost were it available unlocked? Another hugely frustrating smartphone experience…if only (I keep finding myself using that expression) I could mate the HTC Legend with Web OS.

Apps purchased so far for my Pre:

  • Newsroom RSS
  • Mileage Monitor Plus
  • Digloo (excellent Digg application)
  • Top Stocks (superb share tracking app)
  • Poster (blogging software for WordPress)
  • Feeds RSS (only bought because Newsroom wasn’t available but still quite good)
  • DrPodder (podcast manager, cheap and very good)

In addition, I have some very good free apps such as Movies, Facebook, Music Remix, Tweed twitter client and Fliq Tasks. That wee collection gives me just about everything that I need on a phone.


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