Pre App Catalogue is here….sort of

Today was the big day for us UK Pre owners, bestowing upon us the ability via wifi trickery to finally get our greedy mitts on paid software. Last time I looked they were bragging that there were over 1700 applications available for purchasing or downloading for free and therefore I was sort of expecting to see a bit more than the 700 that are currently listed. Hugely disappointingly for me, the two apps that I actually wanted to buy, Newsroom and Top Stocks, are not listed at the moment. I suspect that a lot of developers have either not yet adapted their app or done whatever is necessary to get it showing up over here and I hope the two developers behind these two apps can get their apps ready asap……assuming of course they have the inclination. Mind you, I also couldn’t find the paid version of Tweed or BadKitty twitter app…..effectively that means the only 4 bits of software that I actually wanted to buy are not listed.

I think I reported a week or so that I thought my battery issue disaster on the Pre had been resolved. I spoke to soon as it started draining again at an entirely unacceptable rate whilst basically sitting doing absolutely f all. I hoped that there might have been some little fix or two in the latest 1.4.1 updater but alas it appears not so far. I do really like the Pre but with the fast draining battery issue it is virtually unuseable as it stands and besides, I am still going through that first burst of love/can do no wrong phase thing with the HTC Legend.

Mind you, I saw a post over at Precentral this week claiming that the Euro versions of the Pre Plus and Pixi Plus were going through the necessary whatever it is that they need to go through stage with whomever it is that they need to do it through. If a Pixi ever makes it over here and if it sports wifi I know for a fact I’d get one as I love the web OS thing.


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