Going going gone

I’m sure I’ve used that title before…..I had a wee bit of a clearout a couple of weeks ago, selling the HTC Hero and the disappointing BlackBerry Bold 9700 (crap keyboard) and the funds obtained will be used to purchase a HTC Legend when it appears. I just really like the look of the Legend over the Desire, shallow I know but an important issue for me as I like the tactile pleasure of a nice device, plus it is a bit smaller/shorter and to be frank I don’t need the extra horsepower that the latter comes with anyway. The Legend should be right up my street as I got on great with the Hero, kept and used it for more than 6 months, which is a long time in my smartphone useage universe pattern, and I only sold it to help fund the new phone otherwise I’d have hung onto it for a bit longer. I had many issues with the on screen keyboard but those eased off when I started using “A Better Keyboard” 3rd party software  and I was starting to feel a lot more confident with text entry on the Hero.

Clove claim to have the Legend in stock tomorrow but as nobody else online seems to be getting stock in until later this month or early April then I doubt they will, unless they have some special arrangement/deal thing going on with HTC. Perhaps it is just a sneaky way to get some pre-orders on the book?

I’m pretty happy using Android as it has virtually all the applications I need and use on a regular basis and offers a decent selection of hardware, well, decent as long as you like tall, thin devices with big screens that is. Nonetheless, that choice is expanding and Android itself is simple to use and fairly easy to pick up and get working quickly,

I see eXpansys have suddenly started to sell the Nexus One by Google for the fairly daft price of a pound off £600. Who the heck is going to spend that on it when the virtually identical HTC Desire will be available in the next couple of weeks for £170 cheaper? Only somebody who is foolishly impatient.


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