The User Interface | PDA-247

The User Interface | PDA-247.

Oh dear, I really don’t know why young Shaun continues to use an iPhone as he doesn’t seem to get on with it in any respect apart from games. He has his near bi-monthly rant about the iPhone Calendar application and of course it is nowhere near as good as the living wonder-ment that is the BlackBerry Calendar. It’s just a pity the rest of RIM’s “finest” is so pap in comparison to most of the best of the rest. I’m not sure I agree with the rather pretentious twaddle that accompanies the post either…..or perhaps it is because I am too thick to understand it.

“The interface that really matters is the map your mind creates to let you find what you need quickly on your phone”


Worryingly, he is going to write a follow up article about the Memo app too on both platforms and will no doubt demonstrate how he can add a memo with pictures, a live video stream, link it to thirteen contacts in his Blackberry phone book  without having to actually open the darn app in the first place just by looking at the Bold 9700 and via the medium of mind control. Of course, entering a new Memo into my Bold 9700 is very simple, there’s no doubt about that but the problem lies with the ability to do anything else in the Notes app apart from just add a plain text note and trying to find a decent 3rd party software application in the notes/memo/List making sector for BlackBerry is likely to prove frustrating. In comparison, there is an abundance of very decent and very cheap comparable software for the iPhone/iPod Touch that adds functionality. Personally, I use NoteMaster by Appigio. It might take one step more than BlackBerry power-users, who are obviously so busy with their super hectic lifestyles that saving a few seconds here and there during the day is of such paramount importance that it makes them tolerate sub-standard software, would like but hey, at the end of the day I like it and it makes the RIM memo app look like what it is….an app designed about 10 years ago.

I go through phases of smartphone useage. Sometimes I think I have to have the latest and greatest device because only that latent power will suffice for a modern day multi-tasking power warrior like me whereas in actuality I just like the way my photos look on that hi-res OLED screen. Other times I realise I can get by with lower-specced phones because my smartphone useage is fairly standard and to be frank, 98% of phones made in the last 3 years can handle what I do with the greatest of ease. I hope however that I never get to the stage where a pre-requisite of any new device is how quickly I can add a Calendar entry as that would indicate either my work is starting to take over my personal life or less worryingly, my memory is starting to go. How do folk need to record so much stuff in a Calendar, I don’t get it? I have at most 2/3 entries per day as that is all that tends to happen in my daily life. I don’t know, perhaps they are entering stuff like …7am: have a cup of coffee, 1pm: have lunch…I live in perpetual fear of my life becoming so overrun with  work related stuff that I need to record it for fear of forgetting it.

At the moment I like the Treo Pro but I know that in 2 weeks time I will deem it to be unworthy, for some spurious and ultimately made-up reason, of not being worthy of any further use. This is likely to coincide with the launch of the HTC Legend…….a device that I know will end up annoying me within a month or so but damn it, it just looks so good.


2 Responses to “The User Interface | PDA-247”

  1. Shaun Says:

    “I have at most 2/3 entries per day as that is all that tends to happen in my daily life.”

    Lucky you.


    […] busy schedule (because they don’t have busy schedules) and Murray summed up this in a recent article on Palm-Mac- “I hope however that I never get to the stage where a pre-requisite of any new […]

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