Windows Mobile apps

I’ve got a stack of old Windows Mobile stuff, most of which had not been used for over a year. It’s been interesting to compare how some of the old stuff compares to some of the newer Windows apps I have tried out and also how they compare in general to their Android and iPhone counterparts. Looking at Twitter software first, there’s not really a heck of a lot of difference to be honest. I’ve been using Twikini for the last week or so and it is quite decent. I’ve chosen it ahead of others I tried such as MoTweet (didn’t like the interface) and Twiddle (?) which was clunky. A lot of WM software requires that you install that NetCompactFrame thingy which takes up nearly 7mb of space on a device, not so much of a problem for newer phones that have oddles of space but a more pressing concern for older devices….bottom line being I try and avoid software that needs it.

Twikini gives me and probably most other users the basic features they need for day to day “twittery”  and presents it in an elegant and simple UI. It does all that checking/automatic retrieval/notifications stuff, you can post pics easily and in general it does what I need a Twitter app to do. I’d say it is as good as any Twitter app I’ve used on the HTC Hero or the iPhone.

Next up RSS software and the picture here is not quite so good. I’ve always used NewsBreak from Ilium on Windows phones in the past and am still using it. Having been used to some great RSS apps on both Android and iPhone of late I was kind of hoping that Windows Mobile software might have raised its game in this sector but it appears not. I tried out the updated (since I last used it) SPB News but it is terribly terribly slow to download feeds even on  wifi and then SBSH GoTouch News, the less said about which the better. I’m a big fan of  their SafeWallet application but their RSS effort was awkward/confusing to set up, buggy, unbelievably slow on wifi and unreliable which surprised and disappointed me as it looks the part on the site demo. It does however claim to offer Google Reader syncing, something that for some reason neither Ilium nor SPB have seen fit to introduce in the time I’ve been away from their apps…..nearly 2 years. Nonetheless, I still prefer NewsBreak as it is quick and reliable with simple and intuitive navigation but it has not been updated since 2007 and is starting to look a bit lacking in key areas (well, key for me anyway) as it does not offer sharing via Twitter or Instapaper. Plus, it and other RSS apps on this platform are around the $20 mark which when compared to better RSS apps under the Android & iPhone platforms is starting to look less appealing. I just sort of expected that in the interim period since I stopped using WMo devices the apps would have been continually updated and improved but this is not the case….it’s something I’ve got used to with my Hero, for example, near constant updates and the same applies to the iPhone.


One Response to “Windows Mobile apps”

  1. elbowz Says:

    I’m not a big user of newsreaders but the free pRSSreader works well for me. If you’ve got cf3.5 installed than Speeed Reader is pretty good too and only a couple of dollars…

    Unfortunately WM development isn’t going on at anything like the levels of a couple of years ago… a huge number of devs have followed the money to other platforms….

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