Samsung N150 update

Two weeks into my Windows 7 toting netbook ownership and things have been a little mixed to date. I appear to be having some problems with files disappearing randomly and software that I thought I had installed not being there next time I start it up. I could get all pious here and point out that things like that have never happened to me in 10 years of using Macs but remarkably, have surfaced within 2 weeks of PC ownership but as you all know, I’m well above that sort of thing.

I do like the Google Chrome browser which seems ideally suited to netbooks as it is light and quick. Here’s another thing, I installed my Vodafone Mobile Connect dongle software when I first got the Samsung and the icon was right there in that task bar thingy next to the Start Menu…I pinned it to that dock thing as sure as I’m sitting here typing this. Next time I fired up the Samsung it was nowhere to be seen. I had to stick the dongle in and then do that windows “auto-run” thing and then it started doing that “installing drivers” lark nonsense before I could use it again. I am doing something wrong here, is there something obvious that I am missing about installing apps? And another thing, I installed ListPro on it and that worked great for a week then it suddenly couldn’t locate the ListPro file I had transferred onto it previously. Luckily I had a copy of it on my portable USB drive otherwise that would have been 5 years of info kaput.

I’ve got used to the keyboard now and find it to be quite good, it has a nice clicky action and feels well built, as does the Samsung itself. I keep meaning to do a whole lot more with it but it was bought for a purpose or two and thus will tend only to get used when those needs arise and as such, I can’t muster a huge degree of enthusiasm to do much more at present, particularly if things are going to keep on mysteriously vanishing.


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