Aberdeen manager Mark McGhee spat at after cup loss

BBC Sport – Football – Aberdeen manager Mark McGhee spat at after cup loss.

Well, it just doesn’t get any better for me and my football teams. Another embarrassing exit in the Scottish Cup to another team from a lower division, if we draw one again next season we should just give them a bye into the next round and save the humiliation factor on the pitch.

Still, spitting on a Dons legend like McGhee is not on no matter how abject the performance and result was….hurl abuse at the players by all means but have a bit of respect for a guy who virtually never gave less than 100% for the club as a player. There are too many players at AFC who are just bottlers and whose presence in all these humiliations in the various Cups in recent years must now be seen as more than mere coincidence…step forward douche bags like Darren Mackie, Foster, Kerr and the rest.

I don’t why I’m surprised by it all, actually last night’s result didn’t surprise me which is surprising in itself but it summed up the way that football has gone for me in the last 15 years. There I am sat in front of the telly at 7.45pm with the Dons at home to a mid-table team from the division below and anticipating a rare win, Man Utd in the San Siro surely awaiting a defeat and Man City away at Stoke with a chance to consolidate 4th position in the Premiership…….all in all an enticing prospect for the evening ahead.

By 9.15pm it was all starting to collapse around me as usual with Aberdeen a goal down and on their way out, Utd cruising to an unlikely win and City losing 1-0 to a ten man Stoke team. At that point I had this awful deja vue feeling, one that I should have had about 90 times in the past 15 years having suffered similar unrelenting pain on countless occasions…..it is not going to get any better for the foreseeable future and the pain and devastation is going to carry on and on and on…..

Still, there’s always this weekend’s games…

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