MoDaCo Mobile Week Episode 39

‘MoDaCo Mobile Week Episode 39 – The ‘AFTER Apple released the tablet’ edition’ is now live! – WinMo @ MoDaCo.

Things had been getting a bit stale on the podcast front of late, do you find that? You get used to just listening to a select few podcasts, well I do anyway so I decided to revisit an old favourite in the shape of MoDaCo. And jolly good it was too with a good selection of topics including a big piece on the Motorola Milestone. The chaps seemed to like the keyboard, more than I expected anyway, although they conceded it does take a bit of getting used to.

They had that guy from traceyandmatt on too. As an aside, for some reason he signed up to follow me on Twitter a month or so ago. Lord knows why and no doubt he has been sorely disappointed with the ahem….quality…of my Tweets since. Back to the podcast…I was surprised to learn that all three of them use MacBook Pros as I had them down as Windows type of guys. It’s quite refreshing actually to hear Macs being spoken about in a positive tone on a non-Apple based site, too often you go onto some sites that purport to be neutral and the forums are full of geeky PC types who appear to have some burning hatred of all things Apple. The MoDaCo site used to be a real Windows Mobile zone but has changed of late to include Android and you could the same for another of my old faves, Coolsmartphone. I paid it a visit today through a link from another site and it has changed a lot too in the last year. Funny how Android is creeping into these old die-hard Windows sites, perhaps a sign of the fall in popularity of the platform?


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