Some good Hero Android apps…

WordPress blogging tool is now out for the Android platform and it is free. I downloaded it and gave it a whirl and it works fine although it doesn’t appear to offer anything extra over the app that I’ve been using for the last few months, wp2go, and it has an identical interface. Still, the official WordPress app does have a nicer icon…..

I’m still very happy using the RSS reader NewsRoom and am delighted to hear that there is also a version available for the Palm Pre in the App Catalogue. One of the main reasons for using the Hero again has been this app but if I’m able to get my hands on it in March on the Pre then things could be different. The other day I re-downloaded the RSS app I was using before NewsRoom, Feeds just to see whether it had been improved since I last used it via updates. It just seemed as clunky as before so I quickly deleted it. Actually, it does one of those things that annoy me about certain apps…when I first fired it up it downloaded all these RSS feeds without it asking me and I had to spend the first 5 minutes deleting them all, you know, really useful stuff like a feed for San Francisco Weather and Google Blog News..????

I like NewsRoom, although it is prone to crashing, simply because it is easy to navigate through feeds using the inbuilt swipe ability whereas not one of the other RSS apps I tried seemed to think that would be a useful feature.

Another very useful app, useful because of the way that the Android launcher system works, is AppsOrganiser. This allows you to organise apps into folders and you can then place an icon for that folder on the desktop thus reducing the amount of icons on display. It’s also free and worth trying out to see if you would find it useful. My, how we’d like to see something like that for the iPhone….

One last app that I bought yesterday is Repligo which some of you will recognise from your Palm days. I think I also used it on Windows Mobile. I’ve always liked it as I always find it to be a lot quicker at loading PDF files than the built in viewer and it is also offers more options. Often, using a system’s inbuilt and rather basic PDF viewing software can be a chore but Repligo is a bit of a smooth operator in this department. It’s currently on sale for under $2, reduced down from $8 for a limited period.

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