HTC Hero battery life…

This thing has been getting better and better over the last few weeks, partly helped by finding some really good new 3rd party software and by the drastic improvement in battery life since I deleted some rogue 3rd party apps that refused to let go of data useage. I can get 3 days out of it no problemo and that is with push email on full time but 3G turned off.. I just wish I could say the same for my Palm Pre which kinds of dies a death just short of two days on reduced useage and with its extended Seido battery.

Sadly, as I have less confidence in the Pre’s staying power I tend to be wary of using things like wifi and browsing for extended periods which if you think about it, is pretty daft. I can use the Hero for long bouts of wifi for browsing and looking at apps in the Market without worrying about it making a serious dent in the power remaining. Which is how it should be really. The other day I was trying to run the Hero’s battery down to as low as possible, they say this is something that should be done now and again to keep it “conditioned”, and was hammering wifi and music and browsing and it was hardly going down at all. A month ago I was thinking my Hero days were coming to an end but now I’m not so sure…..if anything, I’m now looking forward more to seeing more Android phone choice in the months to come.


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