Samsung Netbook…n140

We got our new laptops at work last week and for the first time I took it home at the weekend for a proper play. Things like this are a good advert for things like the iPad. It’s fiddly, the trackpad feels tiny and has a very small clickable bit that makes clicking to access stuff tricky. Whenever I type a letter which has a number on it the number gets chosen instead of the letter which is very annoying. Apart from that though the keyboard is actually rather good.

Of course, our work IT guys locking down a lot of functions, including the control panel doesn’t help one jot as it means changing settings to make it less intolerable to use is a no go. Nonetheless for me this sort of small laptop is a chore to use and I could only really use it for short bursts of browsing, email and that’s about it. The font on the screen is too small for my fading eyesight for starters plus despite being able to connect to my home wifi network, when I opened up Internet Explorer I couldn’t browse as it didn’t want to recognise the wifi network. Might be our good ol IT boys doing that though as they have done some other stuff like replacing Windows 7, which it should come with, with XP for some reason.

Every time I turned the thing on all these “new updates are available” messages would spring up, a bit irritating that was. I was mainly sitting with it in the front room and in that seated position, with the Samsung on the laptop stand thing that sits on my knees and raises the laptop, it was too far away to be able to read the screen comfortably. This is nothing to do with it being a Windows device, I just think the 10 inch screen and overall size is too small for me to use comfortably without being able to increase font size.


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