Bold 9700 and 8520 Curve

The classic dilemna. The Bold 9700 is nearly £200 more expensive than the cheap and cheerful 8520 but has an inferior keyboard. Some however find the Bold keyboard to be superior so it could just be me. I actually prefer the look and feel of the less blingy all-black 8520, there’s something basic but satisfying about its appearance over the Bold and I find the keyboard much easier to use and more accurate. One thing that is better on the Bold are the menu keys either side of the trackpad, those on the 8520 have little feel to them and I am often pressing them with no outcome whereas on the Bold they are very clicky and nicely defined.

However the Bold has a bigger screen with a higher resolution which makes stuff like viewing pics and text a nicer experience, unsurprisingly. It also has a higher specced camera with a useful and reasonably effective flash so if you take a whole load of camera snaps you’d be better off with the 9700. When you get used to a nice, hi res screen it is difficult to go back to something  not quite so hi-res in comparison. Mind you, the screen on the 8520 is still a cut above that on the Nokia E72 I had recently.

Text on the cheaper Curve can look a bit grainy, smaller text almost fades away in places and looks, quite literally, washed out. This is most apparent when hovering over app icons. You’ll also lose the faux leather battery cover which some may see as a blessing. Oddly I find the cheaper 8520 less creaky than the Bold, I also prefer the slightly squarer profile sported by the former over the slightly more curvier Bold. Hmmmm… strange that, the Curve feels less curvier than the Bold. Both feel speedy, I’m sure the Bold has more memory but it’s not so hugely noticeable between the two and the 8520 speeds along quite nicely.

In an ideal world I would take the keyboard and look and feel of the Curve 8520 and mesh it with the better specs of the Bold, for a price in between the two.. Perhaps there is a BB out there or about to be out there soon that will fit the bill. If not then the 8520 makes for a very affordable and useable way into the world of smartphones and at £200, unlocked is a bit of a good snip if you must have a BB.


3 Responses to “Bold 9700 and 8520 Curve”

  1. Sp1got Says:

    Your ideal sounds pretty good to me!

    Incidently, I have a friend who swears by a BB / iPod combination. He uses an 8520 for basic communication needs; the iPod Touch is for practially everything else. Granted he’s not much of a photographer, but he’s very pleased with this setup.

    Makes me wonder whether my convergence fetish is sensible! Certainly, I now admit that I wasted a lot of time/money in search of the ‘perfect’ device, never being satisfied with the various compromises this always entails. I’m beginning to think that my friend might have the right idea, in terms of eschewing a single device ‘solution’.

  2. tangyorangesour Says:

    That helps a lot!

    I already own a Ipod so the music side is covered. I was torn apart in deciding which phone to go for, the BB 9700 seemed so promising but the extra cost of BIS and in comparison to nokia n900 seemed too much. But then again, I might be wrong.

    I wish to own a BB but just cannot come to terms in spending the equal amount of money and not getting as high-spec something like the n900. I know its bulky, the native OS is stripped and no hope for further development.

    I’m a student but somehow the feel of BB just captivates me.. duh.. I’m confused all over again

  3. ashish Says:

    Please help me…
    ‎​On my blackberry curve 8520 phone I have a sign of a gold envelope with number 1 written next to it..I have checked all my emails and sms but still that signs remains

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