Man Utd 3-1 Man City (agg 4-3)

BBC Sport – Football – Man Utd 3-1 Man City (agg 4-3).

Ah well, City’s world domination attempt has been put on ice for a couple of months after last night’s traditional heart breaking defeat at Old Trafford. I’m not a good loser, especially when it comes to losing to Man Utd so I’m going to have a pop at a few of them.

First up is Sir Alex Taggart.  People are saying his playing his full strength side was a tribute to the increased threat of the “noisy neighbours” down the road. This is partly true but also reflects the fact that Taggart realises the Carling Cup is likely to be the only trophy Utd are going to win this season. Judging by their shaky performances of late, increasing reliance on Rooney and the fact that three of their most influential players are the wrong side of 35 and I reckon Sir Taggart knows full well that Utd’s days of dominating domestically are at serious risk. Plus, they’re not exactly rolling in cash at the moment are they and it doesn’t, very sadly, look like it will get any better anytime sooner for them.

Rio Ferdinand shouldn’t have been playing either. How he was allowed to appeal his 3 game ban, when it was patently obvious he was guilty of whacking that Hull player, and thus avoid being banned for the game last night is daft especially when the FA call the subsequent appeal “frivolous” and thus increase the original ban.

A lot of people are commenting how Utd were “comfortably” the better side over the two weeks. Odd that as over the two legs, according to the official stats on the BBC site, the attempts on goal on target was only 16-14 in Utd’s favour which doesn’t suggest to me that things were as comfortable as some are making out. This tie was close and City came close with a side lacking Toure, Bridge, Adebayor and Lescott…basically their biggest signings over the last 12 months.

City were comfortable for a long period last night. I was starting to believe, 5 mins into the 2nd half, that we were looking more likely to score than them and then we win a corner, Bellamy gets floored by a thrown coin from the crowd, fluffs the corner, they break away and score a goal that really should have been prevented. Utd at that point were going nowhere, their fans were getting restless and we basically hand them a goal…. And the rest is history….

Anyway, here’s a treat for fellow City fans.

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