Welcome to webOS and Palm Pre multitasking

Welcome to webOS, Verizon Users! | PreCentral.net.

So, the Palm Pre Plus and Pixi Plus have both now appeared on the US carrier Verizon. Are these the people with that odd CDMA or whatever it is standard? Is there another country in the world that also uses that phone standard?

There is a good deal via Verizon, buy a Pre and get a Pixi free. These are the specced up with bigger hard drive models that may also sport better build quality, certainly in the case of the Pre Plus anyway although that wouldn’t be too hard. All joking apart, the Pre and Web OS is a delight to use. You might think that having multi-tasking on your 2010 HTC Hero or latest WM device is the bees knees in sophistication but compared to the Pre’s card system you’re living in the 1990’s chums.

On my very nice Hero I never know what is running and have to pay infrequent visits to the 3rd party Task Manager app to see what’s happening even after purportedly closing an app via its in-menu…errr…menu. On the Pre, swiping a card up and off the screen very much kills it stone dead. It’s simple and it is elegant and it’s the way that modern smartphones should handle it…nae messing and get this, I can decide myself which apps to close. On Android and WM you don’t get the choice yourself of which apps that may be hogging memory should be closed, often the underlying OS will do it for you…how very uncivilised and barbaric in comparison.

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One Response to “Welcome to webOS and Palm Pre multitasking”

  1. Aaron Says:

    On Android and WM you don’t get the choice yourself of which apps that may be hogging memory should be closed, often the underlying OS will do it for you…

    I call bullshit!

    I don’t know what things are like on the Android, but on WinMo it often isn’t that way. It’s certainly never been that way on any of my WinMo phones! Mind you, it is that way out of the box, but since we’re talking about choice I don’t see why good task switchers can’t be part of the discussion. Most WinMo PDAs and phones come with one, but I prefer Magic Button. It does little but make the Microsoft minimize (X) button in the upper right actually quit applications; it optionally adds an icon bar along the top as well.

    Magic Button: http://www.trancreative.com/mb.aspx
    MB screenshot: http://www.trancreative.com/Screenshots/mb/mbutton.gif

    MS thought they were being smart by taking out a close button- older versions of WinCE certainly have it. It was an intentional design decision- just a moronic one. There are a million other gripes to make about WM6, but there are almost as many complaints I can make about the Pre and iPhone.


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