Not long to go now until the mac slate/pad/tablet thingy is unleashed upon us mere mortals and the hype and expectation is approaching silly levels. I was reading about it in the Guardian newspaper last week and they were going overboard about what it will be able to do to the extent that you just know it’s going to be a let down. Not that that will be Apples fault as it is not Apple that have been hyping it up rather it is everyone else apart from Apple talking it up.

General consensus of opinion now seems to be that a focus of the device will be eBooks. If so, Apple may do what they did with mp3 and really bring eBooks out of the rather geeky/limited arena in which they currently reside into the mainstream but only if the tie ups they are purported to be working feverishly on come to fruition and only if the iTunes ecosystem becomes available to iPhone and iPod users. Being able to buy eBooks like you do mp3’s via iTunes would be interesting and if they could do it without lumbering people with the increasingly intolerable DRM and location restrictive situation then things could take off. I’ve not bought many eBooks of late because I’m fed up of the hassle of not being able to transfer them to certain devices or through the hassle of setting up and downloading books.


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