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Okay, a quick mention for a couple of new apps available via PreWare. This highlights a problem that us Euro Pre owners face as we await the official Palm Catalogue offering us paid software. I had a couple of really good applications a month or so ago, one for storing personal info and one an RSS app that synced with Google Reader, but they were both demos due to expire and “graduate” to the official Palm software store. Well, they both did and good luck to them but it leaves us Euro Palmers a bit stuck.

Replacements have thus been sought and luckily found. First up is SecuStore which is rather decent and then there is a new bit of software from the chap behind loads of classic Palm apps, Hobbyist Software, which has one of the simplest yet nicest icons I’ve ever seen and is called News Feed. It’s especially good although it doesn’t sync with Google Reader and you have to add feeds manually but when you have then navigation is done really well in the app.

Since I applied the latest update I’ve had more problems on the Pre in 2 days than I had in the previous 3 months with some odd resets and some updates failing to install from the Palm catalogue. The Pre has been getting a bit of dissing over at PDA247 in the forums, mainly from people who I suspect have never really used one in anger but who seem authorative enough, in their own opinion anyway, to knock it. Fair enough I guess but they’re missing a bit as the Pre has a very nice underlying OS, some decent apps and is more likely to get better than worse in the next 6 months or so.

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  1. GT Says:

    Nice blog. I’ve been following the smart-phone posts for a little while now.

    I’m in a quandary as a long-time Palm user (12 years) and current owner of a Treo 680. I’ve got a lot of information invested in the calendar and notes apps primarily and these seem (to me) to be amongst the weakest areas on the Pre – calendar because you can’t sync to desktop without a 3rd party app; notes because there isn’t a direct replacement on the Pre (not with password protection anyway) without paying for SplashID.

    I tried a Pre back in December. It lasted for a week before I had to take it back because of the issues above and also the appalling battery life. Maybe I should have given it another week but I didn’t want to risk missing the O2 14-day returns window. I was very disappointed to say the least – I really, really wanted to like the Pre. I loved webOS, but it was just so frustrating that the two key things I wanted from it, it couldn’t do.

    In the meantime, it appears that the webOS updates have improved some things, and we (the UK) will get full AppStore in March (?) So things are looking up. But I still come back to the same two questions every time I start to think about upgrading to the Pre – “How can I sync with the desktop reliably?” (I really don’t want to go all “cloud”), and “What’s the best thing to do with all my notes info?”

    Circumstances have conspired to bring this to a head because I don’t have a Windows XP PC anymore – I’ve gone to Windows 7 and found that the Palm Desktop doesn’t work! Smashing. So, I’m being forced to make a decision soon as to what my next phone/pda will be – the Treo is over 2 years old now.

    Apologies for long post. Any advice or comments?


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