my Hero has a mind of its own

I was nice to it by giving the Hero a chance today but boy, did it let me down big time-ish. Firstly, the battery was dropping like a lead balloon for some reason and having had a check through the usual battery draining suspects, I could not ascertain why that should have been the case.

Secondly, it has started its screen changing behaviour again whereby it moves, by itself, from one homsescreen to another and doesn’t stop until it finds the only homescreen “page” that has nothing on it. It has always done this but usually once once every few days but today, it was doing it a couple of times each hour. It’s not a huge deal but it is annoying because if you have been in some app and then gone off and done something else and put the phone down, when you come back to the Hero and unlock it it is on a blank screen.

So, I gave it a chance and it frankly embarrassed itself so when I got home I started using the Palm Pre instead. Not that it has been an entirely good chap either over the last few days following the latest update.  Oh no, it won’t download certain apps that are showing as being “updated” in the App Catalogue. No doubt there is some reason and I will search the PreCentral forums later on to ascertain why.


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