I don’t use Facebook much these days but oddly a couple of my chums, both fiercely non-tech types, have suddenly latched onto it and embraced it as if it had just started last month.

I logged on over the weekend as they had both sent messages just to check things out. I was appalled by the amount of pap others had posted of late. My main problem with Facebook these days is not so much the app itself but rather some of its users who seem to regard it as some kind of business opportunity medium and bombard your homepage with links to their sites or ventures. Or, they insist in filling your page with pictures and videos of their kids or have some misguided notion that I’d be even remotely interested in their poor musical taste or links to join some stupid group.

Luckily, I have just discovered that you can “hide” certain people so you don’t have to read all that pap. God, I’m getting supremely grumpy in my old age and am starting to enjoy it too.


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