iPod Touch

Reading this over at PDA247 this morning and it echoes a bit of what I have been saying of late. I’ve really fallen in love with the iPod Touch, I’d go so far as to say it is the best gadget I’ve had for years. It is so light and slim compared to the iPhone that when you pick the latter up after not having used it for a bit it just feels like a brick.

One thing that I especially like about is that I have stuck a case on it on since day one and the case has not come off since as it does not get in the way of using, unlike a lot of phone cases, and a further benefit is that it adds barely any weight or thickness to the device. I’ve been using it almost like a PDA of late, taking it into work and keeping track of tasks, transferring on useful pdf files at home via GoodReader, using Momento as a daily diary, SafeWallet for storing password and software licences, typing up draft posts via the WordPress application, downloading via wifi at home and using Byline RSS’s ability to cache articles and images for reading later on, playing a couple of games and so on and on. For my useage it is a vastly superior PDA to the likes of the Sony Clies I have used in the last year or so simply because the available software is better and a heck of a lot cheaper too. Let’s face it, palm based pda’s were never much good for gaming anyway and compared to the Touch are very 2nd rate.

The one big drawback of course is the lack of internet connection which is a pain when so many of the really good apps need it to function properly. If the UK had a decent wifi thing going on and it was available in a lot more places then it wouldn’t really be an issue but of course that is a different matter…

Personally, I don’t think Apple has made a mistake with the iPod v iPhone thing as they seldom launch competing products, they see their products as being seperate entities and the iPod, to them, is something that is entirely different to the iPhone.


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