Oh bother….

This is typical. A few weeks after I tie myself into a 2 year o2 contract in order to get my mitts on a BlackBerry 9700 I get an email from our work IT department saying they want to provide me with a new phone…..yeah, a BlackBerry 8520. Admittedly it is not as well specced as the 9700 but it has a much better keyboard and if they won’t let me keep my non-work SIM and use it in the 8520 then I’ll have to carry 2 bloody BB’s around all day. I suppose I could ask them if I can use my existing Bold 9700 instead and get them to lump on the work email thing but then I won’t get my hands  on a new phone, a truly unpleasant thought for a gadget man like myself. Or I could just use the work BB and sell the Bold 9700 I suppose unless someone tells me the 8520 is utter pap in comparison.

Thing is, since I got my iPod Touch and my hands on all those lovely little apps again the smartphone doesn’t appear as important anymore so I reckon at the moment I could handle the lower specs. I really don’t want to carry around 2 phones at work each day especially as the iPod tends to come with me to work most days as well. Ideally, I get the 8520 (which is locked to o2 already), stick in my personal o2 SIM which is BIS enabled, get them to give me access to their corporate email, keep my own email seperate (can you do that on a BB?) and then get them to link the out-of-office number they have set up for me to my onw number. I don’t know however if all that can be done.

Still, on the bright side we are all finally getting new laptops and rather swanky they are, if a little small. They’re Samsungs, they’re black and they’re small and that’s all I know at present.


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