Nexus One

So, this thing has now been announced and I am a bit baffled as to what all the fuss/hype was about. The specs are nice but they’re not exactly ground breaking and even if they were, the chances are that in 3-6 months time somebody else will come along with specs that give it a right royal trumping. And another thing….this supposed revolutionary Google set up is not exactly ground breaking over here in Europe/UK……the ability to buy it unlocked from Google or get it from a carrier. Wow. It’s not like there aren’t currently a 100 other phones available here in the UK you can buy in a very similar manner.

Some sites are saying that we might finally have an iPhone killer on our hands. If so it’s about time as the iPhone has been out for nearly 3 years and it’s a bit damning that it has taken everyone else about 3 years to catch up. Amoled Touchscreens are wonderful indoors with very deep blacks, the screen on my short lived Samsung Galaxy was amazing indoors but a bit ropey outside and if it was sunny then things went a bit awry.

The Nexus One is a bit of a tall chap at very nearly 120mm. I’m not sure I like the idea of such a big thing in my pocket (ooh err). Thick phones and widish phones can fit in most pockets easily enough but when you start stretching them length wise then they start sticking out the top. This is one phone that I’m almost certain I’ll be giving a miss. It may have more RAM/ROM, a bigger and better screen and superior camera than my HTC Hero but the latter is still an excellent Android phone and well good enough for my needs. I just hope that the onscreen keyboard is better than the fluff on the Hero.


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