AppZapper for Mac updated

AppZapper – The uninstaller Apple forgot..

I was using this for ages as my Mac uninstaller but it never seemed to get any updates so I swopped to AppDelete. As is typical with these things, a few weeks later comes a huge update to AppZapper with some pretty cool new features. Even better is the fact my version 1 Reg Code works with the version 2 model.

The standard drag and drop panel of old is still around, and its automatic search is snappier. Up at the top corner of that first panel, though, is a switch flips the panel around, revealing the “Hit List.” This clever screen lets you sort a grid of all your applications, plugins, preference panels and widgets (all together or individually) based on their last-opened date and file size.

You can, for example, see all the apps on your drive that are larger than 50MB and haven’t been touched in the last two months. From there, you can click on one, see its related files in the bottom bar, and click the “Zap” button to say goodbye. You can also launch apps directly from this screen, which is helpful for those moments when the app’s name sounds familiar, but you can’t for the life of you remember what it does. These are 90% sha-na-na-na, hey hey for me, but it’s always nice to be sure.


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