1Password or SafeWallet?

Software dilemna time. 1Password is great and I’ve just more or less paid for the version 3 upgrade which adds some nifty new features and a nice UI overhaul. It’s  a great Password Manager for people using Macs and/or iPhone users but the major problem with it is that there is currently no version for any other platform. This means that I have to use something else on the BlackBerry Bold 9700.

Now, I had bought SBSH’s excellent SafeWallet previously for Symbian and as they also do a version for BlackBerry I splashed out on that a while back too.  At the same time I also bought the PC desktop companion and installed it on my work laptop. It’s a really great application. Interestingly there is also a version for the iPhone which I also bought a while back but no Mac desktop which is a bummer. If there was I’d undoubtedly switch full time to it as I could use it on both the iPod Touch and BB Bold and keep those two devices in sync. I could also transfer across from my work PC the SafeWallet backup file that I have on the SafeWallet desktop PC companion which would avoid the need to re-neter manually all my stored info.

Of course, when you are a Mac user things are never that simple and you just sort of get used to it. I’d rather use SafeWallet as I prefer it to 1Password although many many others don’t. I find I prefer the way your info is displayed on the device, with category and folder support and the desktop app is great for allowing you to set up templates for categories which I don’t think you can do with 1Password. Both are thoroughly splendid bits of software and well worth checking out. Perusing the SBSH Forums there has been talk, dating back a few months, of them setting up a standalone Mac application but I’m not holding my breath over it. If it happens great but if not then I’ll just keep entering new licence codes and important stuff in both 1Password and SafeWallet. A bit of a pain but there you go…


One Response to “1Password or SafeWallet?”

  1. ScottF Says:

    You may want to look into LastPass – they provide a cross platform, multi-device solution for password management.


    No affiliation, just in the same boat.


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