iPhone app….2Do

I purchased this application on the basis of good reviews and I must say it is not bad at all. It looks nice, the interface is customisable and adding tasks is super simple. On the opening screen for example, down the left hand side, you can choose to display your user configurable categories or just opt for a list of all outstanding tasks. Either way, reverting to the other is just a matter of pressing a button.

The drawback for some at present is lack of syncing with some online resources that some may rely on such as ToodleDo or Remember the Milk although there is a small Mac desktop app, well it’s more of a Menu Bar plug in than app really, which helps to simplify adding new tasks. The developer claims however that support for ToodleDo and GTasks will come in a future update. It also doesn’t support, at present, checklists but again this may be forthcoming according to the 2Do chaps.

I would say that this app’s biggest strength, or strengths rather, are its ease of use and nice interface, the latter further helping it to be easy to use. There’s a nice big plus button on the homescreen for adding a new task and you can just start typing and then press “create” to add or you can, on the same screen, add in further info like due dates, category (calendar), priority, add a note and/or picture. The choice is yours whether you want a lot of detail or just a fast way to add in stuff. The syncing with the desktop necessitates, I think, matching your iCal calendars with categories in the app. Thus, when you are creating a “category” in the app you are actually creating a Calendar and in order to sync tasks you need to match that with a new or existing calendar in iCal. Or that’s how I think it works anyway but as I never use iCal anyway I don’t ever need to sync between the two.

Another advantage is that you are always only one button press away from getting back to the homescreen so navigating around is nice and simple

What else can it do then? It now supports repeating tasks, you can change the theme, change the font, add password protection, have icon badge status, set up alarms for todo’s, set up push alerts and various other stuff you would expect from a decent task manager. I personally prefer it to Things, the attraction of which I have never been able to fathom and once it gets the ability to have “projects” with sub tasks, like you can in Appigio’s ToDo, then I will probably use it full time.

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2 Responses to “iPhone app….2Do”

  1. Statto Says:

    Hi Murray – can you clarify please? Are you able to set a time for a todo rather than just a date like many (most) other to do list apps? It’s the lack of being able to specify a time and alert at that time that puts me off many of the to do apps out there.

    Looking at you post and the App Shopper site I think it can, but would be grateful if you could confirm.



  2. بندر Says:

    You will be able to add “Time” to ToDos in 2Do 1.2, Coming Soon 🙂

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